Barbering Program

Course Description

At Champ's Barber School, we aim to train our students to be successful and professional barbers. We teach students the mandatory areas to be successful in passing the Pennsylvania Barber Examinations, and then more. Our students are equipped with the knowledge of both Theory and Practical skill sets to ensure our program is giving students the tools to become their own unique success in the Barber Industry.

Course Outline

Course Length: 1250 Hours
To be completed (no less than) 9-months
Depending on your schedule students can graduate between 9 and 14 months. We offer Day classes as well as evening and weekend classes for those who work full-time but would like to pursue our barbering program in hopes of a career change.

Course Objectives

  • Students will develop their dexterity and skills to develop a loyalty of enthusiasm for the profession.
  • Students will be prepared and provided the skills and resources to gain entry into the Barbering profession and have help applying for the Pennsylvania State Boards.
  • Students will be given a broad knowledge of science and art to enhance their foundational knowledge for success in the Barbering Profession.

Permanent Waving

Each student will complete no less than 550 hours of practical work, including evaluations. 

Investing Into Your Career

Over the years, Champ's Barber School has established good relations with resources to ensure our students can afford to take the next step in their goals and dreams. Here at Champ's Barber School, our Admissions office takes the necessary steps to make sure you understand the costs and provides several resources in making sure your education is affordable and manageable from the very start.

Below are several opportunities and assistance we offer to those who qualify.

Champ's Barber School offers the following Financial Assistance to Potential and Existing Students:

  • Financial Aid (Available to those who qualify)
  • VA Education Benefits
            **Lancaster Only
  • Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation
  • In House Financing

Take advantage of the very best barber program in Pennsylvania. At Champ's Barber School you’ll learn from the best as we offer classroom theory, practical training, and practice with walk-in customers daily. Enroll in Champ's Barber School training today and prepare for a successful and enjoyable career.

To get a head start on your enrollment, please fill out the FASFA form and place in our Federal School code 042155 to get your application processing. Champ's Barber School has admission team members in place to help students complete the form correctly and accurately to reduce the chance of error. 

To inquire for more information please give us a call at (717) 394-0422 or fill out of contact information form here on our website.

To use the Champ's Barber School Net Price Calculator, please click the link here. "This calculator is intended to provide estimated net price information (defined as an estimated cost of attendance - including tuition and required fees, books and supplies, room and board (meals), and other related expenses - minus estimated grant and scholarship aid) to current and prospective students and their families based on what similar students paid in a previous year."

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Veterans Affairs Benefit Information

Since 2019, Champ's Barber School is approved for Veteran's to use their VA Benefits in assisting current and former military personnel to maximize their Education Benefits. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

“GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The Federal Shopping Sheet was created to help give VA Benefit Recipients a better understanding on navigating the process of applying for Financial Aid. One-on-one assistance is available to all Veterans who are trying to understand the process of their VA Benefits and Financial Aid options. Please see the VA Benefits - Financial Aid Shopping Sheet FAQ sheet to answer any questions you may have about the FA Shopping Sheet 2023-2024. This shopping sheet is an example that will be customized for you. These sheets do not reflect any VA Benefits since the amount received is fully dependent on the benefit being used. You can use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool to see which benefit best applies to you. To best understand how a benefit can best be utilized for your situation, please fill out the FASFA form to see how your benefit can be best maxed out to give you its full potential to aid you in your education. (Please note Veteran's Education Benefits can only be utilized for Champ's Barber School's Lancaster Campus)


2020 Annual Report Information:

Annually, the school reports on how many graduates, withdrawals, and placed students are officially in our school's cohort. As NACCAS, our accreditation agency requires per their policies, Champ's Barber School reports their annual report to students on a yearly basis. Per the school's 2020 Annual Report, Champ's Barber Schools rates are as follows:

Outcomes Assessment Information as Reported to NACCAS for 2021


Completion rate 69%

Placement rate 70% 

Licensure Rate 100%

For Job Placement, out of 11 graduates in the cohort year for 2020, 7 students responded and 4 did not. Licensure pass rates are provided by the State Licensing Company, Pearson Vue, and are calculated based on which students graduated and sat for both parts of their exams by November, 2022. 1 out of 1 students sat on both parts of the exams and passed.

Lebanon Student

No Experience Needed

No prior hair-cutting experience is needed to be successful at Champ's Barber School. Your only requirements are an earnest desire to learn, a commitment to the process, and have a teachable spirit. We can work around your schedule by offering morning and evening class schedules. The best Barber Training in the region can be yours by simply contacting Champ's Barber School today. We focus on the mandatory areas needed to pass the Pennsylvania State Boards and then some. 

Students will be educated in both Theory and Practical Instruction to make sure they have the skills and knowledge to be a well-rounded Barber. Our exclusive course ensures students are comfortable walking out our doors with the knowledge to pass the State Board Exam. 

Our Legend

Champ Hall is a local legend, an award-winning barber, and a great mentor to all school students. In 2021, Champ wanted to make a bigger impact to the community and expanded to now offer training in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. WIth a passion in teaching, Champ is also a mentor in pointing people in the right direction for getting their Manager's Licenses and their Teaching Licenses.

Within 9-months, you too could be a license barber, practicing in the state of Pennsylvania, joining over 400 Champ's Barber School Alumni in their passion. The industry is always evolving and ready for you to make a difference, just as Champ felt called to. There is no other school quite like Champ's Barber School, so what are you waiting for? 

Want us to be apart of your School and Career Fair? Please submit a contact form to our email. 

Champs Recruit1

Our Story

Champ’s Barber School supports our students in their journeys to success by providing industry modeled, student-centered training and support of the highest caliber. Our hands-on approach to learning and full-service barber clinic offers Champ’s Barber School students a genuinely authentic training experience.

Champ’s Barber School has been in operation since 2003 and has a strong community connection and history of producing some of our industry’s most successful barbers. Our owner, Champ, has always had the dream to expand and reach more students in hope to provide more resources for those looking to achieve their dreams. In June of 2021, Champ's Barber School opened their doors in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and became the first barber school to operate out of the city.

Our quality Barber Program is designed to develop professional barbers, managers, and barbering instructors. Our graduates are equipped with the skills and experience needed to excel in this rapidly growing profession. 

Franky Grad


I love this place. The students take their work very seriously and give a great cut. I have gone to the Black Comb and a few other shops in Lancaster, but Champs is my favorite.

Adam Grim

5-Star Google Review

I came back to Lancaster about a year ago with the intention if shopping barber schools in the area. A dear friend of mine brought me directly to Champ's Barber School! The all around experience has been great. I have made some life long connections and despite some bumps in the road... "Covid" the instructor, owner, and administration has made my time at school amazing. The staff did a great job of putting together online learning while on lock down due to the pandemic, and while at school the actual time I have spent on the floor I managed to learn how to cut hair well. I look forward to going out into the barbering community and making my mark. I feel prepared for my boards and and more than prepared for my waiting station @ Baron Barbers in Manhiem PA. Thank you and hats off to all the staff and students @ Champ's

Johnny Compres


New to the area and just got a haircut and a shave and am very happy with both. The owner is very hands-on and makes sure you're taken care of. The students, in a way, go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied.

Joe L.

5-Star Google Review

The service at Champ's is great, the students are dedicated and focused, and they took the time to get the cut exactly how I wanted it. And you definitely can't beat the price!

Brandon Schmidt

5-Star Google Review

This is one of the best schools in the country the students take there time and ask the right questions and the teachers Chuck Dixon and Champ are great!

Brian Gantz


My barber was awesome. He was confident, knowledgeable, and did a great job. Champ signed off, and it was a great experience.

Justin Rule

5-Star Google Review